One to One Sessions

One to one session are great for anyone who needs that additional support and motivation as well as supporting guidance to ensure proper form and your safety.

About this sessions (one to one)

  • Sessions are based in Westhill called Apex Fitness
  • Sessions with me are 60 minutes. 
  • Enrolment onto an app where we will track our PT workouts.
  • Additional workouts will be added for yourself to do at the gym without me as additional. 
  • The app can track your steps, sleep, calories in calories VS calories out and also upload progress photos.

What my service offers

  • Calories and macros (with a recipe book for recipe ideas).
  • Meal plan based from my recipe ebook and other recipes online you what to try.
  • Education and learning on how to cook/batch cook.

One to one sessions are great for

  • Someone who needs in person motivation and accountability.
  • Someone who needs support and guidance on proper weight lifting form.
  • Some who wants to learn how to enjoy working out as part of a lifestyle.
  • Someone who wants to learn more about diet/nutrition from a holistic standpoint.
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Session details

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60 Minutes
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Monday to Fridays

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