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General Enquiries


Read this section to get answers for the most asked questions I receive. If you'd like to speak with me directly then get in touch below.

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Do I need previous experience for your classes?

This is not a requirement. We will discuss your level of experience before getting started so that the routines are tailored to your capabilities.

Do you offer a trial session?

No I currently do not. But I do offer a free consultation to make sure we're a good match. This consultation lasts for around 45 minutes.

How long is the session duration?

This is variable. An average session is 60 minutes however people with busy lifestyles can book in for 30 minutes.

Do you offer home-PT classes, or outdoor sessions?

Yes, I do both. Contact me if you'd like to find out more about how to get started

Is there a term contract for online coaching?

Yes, my minimum recommendation is working with me for 3 months to allow enough time for progress. However, this can be subject to change based on your requirements.

Can I train with a partner?

Yes, group sessions are very engaging and everyone pushes each other to get better results. As an added bonus these sessions are at a discounted rate.

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